8020Info specializes in strategic planning, public consultation/ research, & marketing communications.
8020Info specializes in strategic planning, public consultation/ research, & marketing communications.
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Ideas in Action:

Working With Ideas That Have Impact

Both public sector organizations and smaller private firms turn to 8020Info for advice, ideas and information. Our practice is focused predominantly on clients in the municipal, health care, university, social service, cultural and economic development sectors, but also covers knowledge-based enterprises, media, tourism and small business.

 We undertake assignments in three main areas of expertise:

  • Facilitation of group strategic planning
  • Opinion research and public consultation projects
  • Counsel on marketing communications strategy


Not all problems are equal: 80% of your success comes from 20% of your effort. To get where you want to go, you need focus and action. We offer counsel on the best ideas and practices, translating theory into action to address the key issues you may face.

We are not consultants in the traditional sense. You can expect us to collaborate rather than simply advise project teams, boards and managers. Typically, our clients play the decisive role in their strategic choices, but draw on our expertise, facilitation services or information on best practices.

We welcome your interest and your enquiries if we might be of assistance to your organization in some way. E-mail us at:


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Ideas, Advice and Information in Action


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Located in Kingston

 Kingston Waterfront

8020Info Inc. is based in Kingston near the shores of Lake Ontario. Our practice serves clients across the province and beyond, including:


Toronto | London | Hamilton | Oxford County | Waterloo | the 13 counties of Eastern Ontario | Barrie | Kawartha Lakes | Bancroft | Belleville | Prince Edward County | Lennox & Addington County | Addington Highlands | Loyalist Township | Frontenac County | Frontenac Islands | South Frontenac Township | Kingston | Brockville | Leeds-Grenville | Ottawa | Greater Madawaska | Laurentian Valley | Kelowna | Edmonton | Halifax.


FYI: Twitter CEO Interview

Twitter has 140m active users producing 400 million tweets/day. It took them three years to handle their first billion tweets; today Twitter carries that many every 2.5 days. For an interview with the CEO, see video at The Economist



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Rob Wood – President & CEO is actively involved as an 8020Info consultant on a variety of strategic planning, research, public consultation and marketing communications projects. He is also busy as a facilitator – in a typical year he would lead more than 100 focus group or planning sessions, public meetings and workshops.

How You Fascinate


Sally Hogshead talks about the 7 triggers we use to fascinate others. See our summary in the 8020Info Water Cooler, May 11 edition


Can design save the newspaper?


Jacek Utko is a little-known newspaper designer whose redesigns not only win awards, but increase circulation by up to 100%.


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